A collection of Grade 6 videos on the photosynthesis song which was part of their term one assessment

The Photosynthesis activity was a very exciting one for the learners and for me.

Using the Sasol Inzalo Series workbooks for grade six Natural Science and Technology, we completed a few activities and then we came across the link to the photosynthesis song.  I quickly used my laptop to search the link and we found ourselves in Youtube where I was able to download the video.  I played the video to the class and they loved the song, so we decided to write down the lyrics, and learners were placed into groups, where they had to prepare the same song in their own way.

The results were phenomenal! I even had my weaker learners humming to the tune.  The disruptive guys were preparing a rap and it was very well done.

The aim of the lesson was to get the learners to understand the process of photosynthesis and the song was an excellent idea because they could always sing the words out when they wanted to remember a particular part in the process.

No one got below 15 for this assessment which was out of 20.

Thank you Grade 6's you guys make it worth while!