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The Owl Pellet Project Grade 6

Posted by Adil Mungalee on Thursday, October 3, 2013 Under: Owl Pellet Project
The owl pellet project is indeed a very unique project, since we moved off the curricular radar for about two weeks in pursuit of an exciting scientific phenomenon.
One winter day in July we found that a Spotted Eagle Owl had taken residence in a pine tree at the school.  This was the first recording of such a magnificent creature on our school premises, so I decided to get the Grade 6 learners involved in learning about this beautiful creature.

The most exciting part of this project was the hunt for the owl pellets which learners were quite excited to discover, was in fact 'owl vomit'.

The pictures will tell the story:


Learners look for the owl pellets and bone fragments.

The young scientists hard at work sorting and classifying the bones to see what exactly the owl had for dinner!

They research the topic in the Gauteng Online Lab to see what bones they found.  The results are interesting, from mice bones to rat bones to small bird bones.

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Some of the highlights of Science Lessons over the last year. Some very interesting stuff indeed!

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