Classwork and Assessments:

Term 2 Project Technology - 2017
Well grade 7's its time once again to get your brains wrapped around a brand new Technology project.

This term we will be covering Structures, and you guys will have build a water tower.  The raw materials we are using are paper pipes made from old telephone book pages and flour paste.

First up, we will complete the activity sheets in our textbooks, so that we get an idea of what structures are.  Remember structures come in three types: Frame structures, Shell structures, and Combination structures.

The water tower will be built on a frame structure concept.  The paper pipes will represent steel pipes in a real water tower.

Here's the scenario:
A village in Lesotho has a problem with water supply.  The government has just installed water pumps at various locations so that water can get pumped from the underground water sources.  The problem is that the pumps work with electricity, and at times the electricity cuts out in the village.  The villagers need a storage system which will enable them to collect water that is pumped so that they can use the stored water when the electricity gets cut.

Your mission is to build a water tower for them which can carry a 2000lt water storage container.  The tower must be sturdy, it must be at least 15 meters high so that the water pressure from the container will be significant enough to push water from the storage tank to the taps below.

Step 1:  Investigate different types of water towers and how they are constructed.
Step 2: Get into groups and design a water storage tower which will be able to fulfill the needs of the village.
Step 3: Build a model of the tower.  The model should be 50 cm high and 30 cm wide.
Step 4: Make a presentation using the presentation software on the Tablet Pc to show to the village when you propose that they use your water tower.

Total marks for the project is 100 marks.
  1. Investigation = 20 marks
  2. Design = 20 marks
  3. Model = 40 marks
  4. Evaluation = 5 marks
  5. Proposal/Presentation = 15 marks
Good Luck!

Term 2 Project Technology:

Processing – Grade 7

In groups of two or three, you will design, make and evaluate a sweet which can be sold in your school tuckshop.

You will need to complete the following:

Make a OneNote Notebook  documenting all your

The booklet must follow the following criteria:

   i.      A cover with the name of the product, a picture and the names of the group members

   ii.      A contents page with an introduction,

 iii.      A business plan – name of product, name of company, marketing strategy- what , how, who , when , where.  And costing how much to make it, how much to sell it.

  iv.       The design of the product, the design of the label, and an evaluation.

2.       The design process:

You will be designing two separate products.  The first will comprise of the method you used to make the sweet. E.g.: ingredients and method like a recipe. The second design will be on the label and packaging you will use in order to promote your sweet.

3.       The making:

The product will be made at home, please ensure that there is adult supervision when handling sharp objects or when working with heating.

4.       Once the product is made use the designer packaging you have made to package your product.

5.       You must hand in the booklet and the final made product on Monday the 25 May 2017