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Posted by Adil Mungalee on Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hi I am Mr Mungalee!

I currently teach at Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School in Azaadville, which is in the Gauteng West District.  My subjects are Natural Sciences and Technology for the Grade 6's and Technology for the Grade 7's.

This has been an exciting year because we implemented the CAPS for Grade 4-6 and the learners received workbooks from the Department of Education.  The workbooks are excellent 
as they provide learners with a notebook and textbook in one lovely package.

The thing I like most about the work books are the links to various online resources which I use when teaching.  This year some of the projects which we completed included the Photosysnthesis song, the Environment and Ecosystems Project, The Electric Circuit House and in the Fourth Term we will look at Earth and Beyond so we will be doing lots of internet research and perhaps we will take out our telescopes and view the night sky!

About Me

Adil Mungalee Department Head for Natural and Social Sciences at the Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School in Azaadville


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